Haripal Billa

Mr Haripal Billa

Manager Administration and Procurement

Mr Haripal Billa is the Executive Officer -Procurement at The Masterminds Schools. He has been with the school since its inception, and has fulfilled various procurement responsibilities over the years. As Executive Officer -Procurement, Mr Billa is responsible for a wide range of duties. These include managing school supplies and equipment, ensuring the quality of purchased goods and services, and ensuring compliance with government regulations and policies regarding school purchases. He is also responsible for researching and negotiating the best prices for goods and services. Furthermore, he is tasked with establishing best practices, creating procurement policies, providing training to staff, maintaining inventory, and overseeing budgets.

Mr Billa has gone above and beyond to ensure that The Masterminds Schools get the absolute best in procurement. He is always on the lookout for cost-effective solutions whilst not compromising on the quality of goods and services purchased. He routinely meets with vendors to negotiate contracts and create solutions tailored to the schools needs. Mr Billa has used his expertise to help save time, effort, and money.

He has established efficient processes that have helped reduce the burden on staff, resulting in smoother transactions. Mr Billa’s commitment to quality procurement solutions has been invaluable to The Masterminds Schools. Mr Haripal Billa’s exceptional leadership in procurement at The Masterminds Schools has been crucial in helping to ensure the school’s success. With his unwavering dedication and commitment, he continues to make sure that The Masterminds Schools gets the very best in procurement solutions.

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