Guided Study Hours

One Student… at a time…


This Guided Study Hour System of KTS, is later adopted by many other institutions, yet KTS has unique methodology in conducting these study sessions. It is with the motto of Complete academic responsbility of the child, KTS could change the educational scenario of the state and win the trust of parent community. The study hours are conducted in the presence of subject teacher and mentor.The students will have an opportunity to study in distraction free environment that is calm and focussed on learning.

Students will achieve the given task in the subjects taught in the regular classes on the same day, as a result, they are free from bag burden, they don’t need any tuitions outside, nor they will have hectic schedules of home work.

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We respect family time of our patronisers therefore we ensure a Healthy Family togetherness with no work hangs from schools.

We do not advocate home assignments

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Guided Study Hours System

 Guided study hours in the presence of subject teacher and assistant

 Learning the concepts taught in the class the same day

 Micro schedule with day wise study hour targets

 Study hour report at the end of each session