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About Us

Krishnaveni Talent School now a leading institution in the state, was started in the academic year 2003-04 in a small town and later it has made an immeasurable contribution to educational scenario in a very short period and enjoys undisputed leadership in quality education in the state. Emanating from a humble beginning today this versatile institution has grown into a full fledged school by having more than 2,00,000 students in its 300 branches across the states.

KTS was started with an aim of develop a system of education which revolves around truth, transparency & commitment. With the vision and toil of the management, dedicated work of staff-members and support of enthusiastic parents bomma brilliant grammar schools have become instant success. Many parents, teachers and like-minded people joined hands with us in this student centric Endeavour to create ideal school platform for students to learn without stress and tension.

Latest News
  • We Are Integrated with OAKS.
  • Introduce Online Classes For better interaction with Students.
  • We Also Integrated with Microsoft Teams.
Learn through the exclusive signature programmes of KRISHNAVENI

> IIT/NEET Foundation
(The conceptual foundation for all competitive exams)
(Hands-on Activities and Science Experiments)
(Fundamental Math Enrichment programme)
(Communicative Language Improvement Programme)
(An exclusive KTS Academic Programme to improve reading fluency)

A Right choice ....
Can make a difference

✓ Activity Based Learning

✓ Elastic and Vibrant Curriculum

✓ Meditation and Yoga

✓ Programme (MYP)

✓ e-learning

✓ Fully Equipped Computer and Science Lab

✓ Kids Play Zones

A Right Choice...
Can make a difference

Years of Experience

Our Features

IIT / Medical Foundation

KTS is one of the very few schools which is giving genuine IIT / Medical Foundation to its students. KTS has updated its IIT / Medicine Foundation programme as per the changed Syllabus.

Guided Study Hours

The study hours are conducted in the presence of subject teacher and mentor.The students will have an opportunity to study in distraction free environment that is calm and focussed on learning.

KTS - LifeSkills

KTS designed special curriculum to equip pupils with life skills needed for their future well being which is enhanced with hundreds of activities. learning takes place outside the class through educational trips, field visits


Specific measurable achievable rewarding training.There are many children who are so backward in basic subjects that they need special help. Most of the slow learners struggle in ordinary classes failing to have the special attention which they need...

Digital Classes

KTS is providing digital classes making it easy for your child to visualize the critical concepts that are usually taught in the school using the chalk and talk methods.

Krishnaveni Talent School

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A System blended with western montessori methods and latest trends in modern education. KTS offers a full, broad and balanced curriculum and ensures that students of all academic abilities enjoy learning.


The curriculum of KTS recognises the importance of developing the full potential of the child.Learning by doing is the motto Each concept should be planned, designed well in advance with relevant activities.Teaching should be creative to make the topics more interesting.Technology should be used to enhance the understanding of child


To strengthen every student towards entering into a challenging and competitive world Krishnaveni Talent school, designed its IIT and medicine foundation programme.

Childhood Daycare will
unleash your kid's Creativity

No other institution, has never before claimed Complete Academic Responsibility of a Child

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What we Offer

Fun Activities

we encourage a healthy balance of work and play.


Our well-equipped labs are a testament to our belief in learning by doing.


KTS designed special curriculum to equip pupils with life skills needed for their future

Digital Classes

Easy for your child to visualize the critical concepts that are usually taught in the school using the chalk and talk methods.

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