Vikas Junior College

To keep the tradition of excellence alive , KTS group is coming up with KTS-VIKAS Educational Institutions, beginning of a new epoch in Intermediate education.


The academic programs at KTS-VIKAS are a rigorous competition - preparatory programs. We help students to build skills that they will use for their whole lives. We support students in developing interests and create space for them to explore knowledge in greater depth. Our faculty members design multiple ways of learning in newer ways. We also emphasize individual effort, achievement and success.

Here we insist on the basics, but what we mean by basics is distinctive. Our curriculum is built on updated and ever changing world of competitive examinations. Our curriculum provides students a charge to appear in competitive exams, with confidence.

In the end, what we want from  most of you is that you should grow. We not only teach you to ask good questions but also to identify interesting problems to solve. We help you learn how to analyze and imagine solutions to subject problems. And when you are finished with that, we help you to objectively evaluate your results, and mirror it for you to see yourself, how far you need to go and how much more hard-work you need to do.

At KTS-VIKAS, we help students to find their voice, their capabilities, their talent and above all their passion.



VIKAS CHAMPS                     VIKAS VICTORY                 VIKAS WINNERS

(IC PROGRAM)                                      (REGULAR PROGRAM)                      (IPE PROGRAM)
IIT (ISEET) (IC)                                    IIT (ISEET) (REG)                          (ONLY FOR GIRLS)
AIEEE (ISEET) (IC)                             AIEEE (ISEET) (REG)                        MPC (IPE)
MPC (EAMCET) (IC)                           MPC (EAMCET) (REG)                        BPC (IPE)
BPC (NEET) (IC)                                 BPC (NEET) (REG)                            MEC (IPE)
MEC (CA-CPT) (IC)                             MEC (CA-CPT) (REG)