Wisdom School


After carving a niche in A.P’s educational arena, KTS Group of Institutions are opening International Schools from the current academic year.

Wisdom School envisions the creation of a Knowledge hub where resourceful teaching faculty, cutting edge learning facilities and a congenial living habitat combine to create a sustainable model for the future.

Wisdom School epitomizes a new dimension in education that transcends the physical, intellectual and spiritual realms and facilitates the transformation of every student into a socially committed, professionally competent and emotionally mature cosmopolitan citizen.


Wisdom School follows a scientifically developed, practically oriented approach  in learning. The main goal is to create a flexible system that provides essential education while enhancing their skill sets, equipping them to contribute to our society that is in constant flux. 

The holistic learning methodology of Wisdom School revolves around problem solving and student involvement .Integrating theoretical and practical
knowledge. Audio-visual aids like multimedia presentations make the curriculum interesting and simpler for the students to understand and learn. Our whole learning pattern is designed to prepare students for the future.