Smart Kids

25 Pre-Schools,  4500 Students 

SMART KIDS is another chain of preschools, which are designed to cater the kids from urban localities. 

At SMARTKIDS, we believe that the environment is the third teacher. Our pre-school environment is richly and carefully resourced to stimulate learning and development in young children. We offer fantastic opportunities for children to learn and grow by creating environments that are rich with provocations. Children are encouraged to engage with a range of materials and resources  that extend and challenge their thinking. 

Our pre-schools are housed in specially renovated premises with child-safe interiors, childfriendly furniture and amenities. We resource toys and other play equipment to enhance the child’s learning journey, and to make it a joyful experience.

SMARTKIDS pre-schools are spacious and aesthetically designed to invite learning, observation and exploration. Learning is not confined to the
classrooms; it spans all available resources, including the natural environment outdoors and the local community. We provide ample outdoor space which makes outdoor learning an integral part of the children’s day-today curriculum and  provides opportunity to engage with the natural environment, supporting large muscle development and encouraging inquiry.


" Every child, every single child, has the capacity to excel.......

we believe education must be fostered within - it stems from

connecting not directing "