1. Complete Academic responsibility of the Child
  2. Qualified, Dedicated and Inspiring faculty.
  3. No Home works and No carrying of Bags.
  4. Guided study hour system.
  5. Integrated IIT / Medicine
  6. foundation coaching for classes VI-X.
  7. Development of communication skills by FINE ( Fluency Improvement and Necessitating English) programme.
  8. Unique Examination system.
  9. Counseling programs by world famous psychologists.

Complete Academic Responsibility: It is common fact, that in today’s scenario of competitive and fast paced world, most of the parents are not finding time to keep in track of their ward’s progress day to day. Even if the parent finds time, he may not be sure about the subject, which his child is reading. In conventional way, such parents used to send their wards to home tuitions. KTS came out with a solution to all the above problems with this innovative idea of claiming complete academic responsibility of the child. No other institution, has never before claimed such thing. The student learns all the concepts in the School campus itself.

“No other institution, has never before claimed Complete
Academic Responsibility of a Child” 

Qualified and Experienced Faculty : KTS maintains strict HR policies in the selection procedure of Teachers. Even after selection, the teachers are made to undergo regular upgradation training sessions. This makes them to be update with the current trends of Education. KTS has a separate pool of IIT / Medicine foundation teachers who are the best in the business. Today, KTS can proudly claim that it has a pool of more than 4000 talented and competent teachers.
Guided Study Hour System : Every day will be divided into two sessions. The morning session is dedicated to teaching and the evening one for study hours. The topic that was taught in the morning will be made to learn by the student under the guidance of a Subject expert and a subject assistant. This relieves the students from the stress and strain of home works and tuitions. The system of KTS is designed in such a way that the whole academic work of the child will be completed within the school campus. The child would be made to understand, assimilate, learn and write the topics that were taught in  the morning session in the evening study hours by setting targets. Hence, no home works. 

“Education is not preparation for life;
education is life itself” - John Dewey

Integrated IIT / Medicine Foundation coaching for classes VI-X : Surely these are times that belong to those who are born with a computer in hand! Theprodigy of yesteryears is a normal child of today. For our youth to stay in the race, their I.Q. has to go up! If you watch closely you may see in every school-going child, the signs of a budding Engineer / Doctor or any other Professional. The best of schools may  ot find the time to pay special attention on the students exceptional flair for Maths and Science. To fill up this gap, KTS came out with the concept of IIT /  edicine foundation coaching for classes VI- X. 

Properly nourished, a kid’s potential is limitless. The limit of their growth is the standard we set for them. We have to develop their ability for independent thinking and analysis, without making mental monsters of them. Their awareness of Mathematics and Science has to be heightened very early in this age  f the Information Super Highway. It is against this background that KTS integrated IIT / Medicine foundation coaching seeks to give our students that extra  input so necessary for carving out such a successful professional career. The course is integrated in such a way, that the foundation classes do not  disturb regular curriculum. Infact, it enriches the student’s knowledge.

KTS integrated IIT / Medicine foundation coaching seeks to give our students that extra input so necessary for carving out such a successful professional career.

Development of communication skills by FINE ( Fluency Improvement and Necessitating English) programme. Everyone knows the importance of communication in this ultra modern world. KTS has a separate team of teachers who are specially trained in this aspect. To encourage the writing skills of children, every month we publish FINE magazine which is distributed free of cost to the children in all our campuses.


Unique Examination System : KTS has unique weekly examination system where a child is tested on all the topics that were taught in the week. Lesson plan for the weekly schedule will be prepared at the beginning of the academic year in the year plan by our expert teachers. Question papers for exams will be set by our expert panel at the Central office in Hyderabad. This makes the student to be update with the subject and removes all the tensions regarding Board examination. In addition to Weekly test program, there will be Unit Tests, Quarterly, Half-yearly, Pre-final and Final examinations.


Counseling programs by world famous psychologists : In addition to the above points, KTS takes care on Personality development of the child through counseling programs which dispel the mental fatigue of the students during examination time.


 “Welcome your child to a world of greater achievements!”